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WPF Main and Child Window Management

In our WPF application we call any child window in our event , example as button click event or other click event. When we can a child window from our main window normally it load our main window.  But if we click on that event again it will load again in main window.  It’s really a big problem for our WPF application. Now we will manage our child window in this scenario that if the child window load once it will not load newly again on it’s event. If we minimize it then it will appear in main window bottom as Task bar. If we click on it’s event it will load from minimize. And only the main window will load on our computer Taskbar . Their will no child window loaded on Taskbar. I have create a method name showWindow. Let see how the method working:
This foreach loop find our all current UI from namespace using split if it find out the desire window it just load it on main window.

foreach (Window objWindow in Application.Current.Windows) { string[] splitedNames…