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IIS Installment Steps


T-SQL single parameter will perform like search on multiple table column

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[USP_GetPickerNameList] @SearchStr varchar(50) AS BEGIN SET @SearchStr = RTRIM(@SearchStr) + '%' SELECT DISTINCT TOP(10) p.cpickerid ,p.cpickername ,p.cpickeridtype ,p.cid ,p.cidissuingstate ,p.pickerid_PK ,p.pickeridtype_FK ,p.idissuingstate_FK ,c.ccusname ,c.cusid_PK ,c.dbirthday ,f.caddress1 FROM pickers p INNER JOIN pickergroups ON p.pickerid_PK = pickergroups.pickerid_FK INNER JOIN customer c ON c.pickergroupid_FK = pickergroups.pickergroupid_PK LEFT OUTER JOIN family f on c.familyID_FK = f.familyID_PK LEFT OUTER JOIN rx r on c.cusId_PK = r.cusId_FK WHERE RTRIM(LTRIM(p.cpickername)) LIKE @SearchStr OR RTRIM(LTRIM(c.ccusname)) LIKE @SearchStr OR RTRIM(LTRIM(c.ccusfirstname)) LIKE @SearchStr OR RTRIM(LTRIM(c.ccuslastname)) LIKE @SearchStr …

Entity Framework to Class object null check

date time null is a common problem in EF, we can easily handle with this.

if (pic.dbirthday != null) { bo.dbirthday = Convert.ToDateTime(pic.dbirthday.Value.Date.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")); }

Bank Management Project in C Language

hi i am helping my sister to create a simple bank management project. i like to share with you

#include <stdio.h> #include <conio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> // Structure declaration struct acc_type { char bank_name[20]; char bank_branch[20]; char acc_holder_name[30]; int acc_number; char acc_holder_address[100]; float available_balance; }; struct acc_type account[20]; int num_acc; // Global variable void Create_new_account(); // Create_new_account function declaration [ This function will create a new customer account ] void Cash_Deposit(); // Cash_Deposit function declaration [ this function will Cash_Deposit money for specific account ] void Cash_withdrawl(); // Cash_withdrawl function declaration [ this function will withdaw money from specific account ] void Account_information(); // Account_information function declaration [ this function will show specifi…