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if you are using kendo UI web for MVC and you are getting the error when you are click on create new.

just hide/remove the code from create & Edit razor view of your controller

@section Scripts { @Scripts.Render("~/bundles/jqueryval") }

*Now This problem is resolve in VS 2013

silverlight hyperlink button image in datagrid column

In tool hyperlink image button in silverlight datagrid we can set property, command like other control.
the binding of the datagrid column is:

<sdk:DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Buyer Comments" Width="2*"> <sdk:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> <HyperlinkButton Content="" Width="30" Command="{Binding Source={StaticResource srConfirm}, Path=ShowComments}" CommandParameter="{Binding}" ToolTipService.ToolTip="{Binding Path=Comments}"> <HyperlinkButton.Background> <ImageBrush ImageSource="/images/Icons/add.png" Stretch="Uniform" /> </HyperlinkButton.Background> </HyperlinkButton> …

SQL auto generate last column id without auto increment

If we want to get a table autogenerate column id, without auto increment column. we can do it easily.
we can also made it globally for all table. We can create a table name paramaterize store procedure that
will give us table last column ID without using auto increment column.

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[spSET_GetDB_TablePKID] @tableName [varchar](100), @locationId [int] AS BEGIN declare @newID varchar(20) declare @dbID varchar(20) declare @generateID bigint declare @ReturnValue varchar(100) if exists(select * from DB_TablePKID where LocationID=@locationId and TableName=@tableName) begin --table name exists set @ReturnValue= (select MaxID+1 from DB_TablePKID where LocationID=@locationId and TableName=@tableName) end else --table name is not exists. begin -- generate new first ID for the supplied table select @dbID= DBid from DB where DBLocationID=@locationId set @newID=@dbID+'00000000000001' se…

C# globally check List instance's item count

We can check an instance of a list count() globally

public class CheckListCount { public bool IsOneItemEntry(IEnumerable<dynamic> objEntity) { String ErrorMessage=""; bool IsValid = true; if (objEntity.Count() == 0) { IsValid = false; ErrorMessage = "At least one item must be available."; } return IsValid; } }
Now create instance in any class &  check any list's instance Count();

private CheckListCount _CheckList = new CheckListCount(); List<CommentReceipt> CommentReceiveItem = new List<CommentReceipt>(); foreach (LAB_LDCommentReceipt receipt in ViewData.LdCommentReceiveList) { if (receipt.AppStatusID>0) { CommentReceiveItem.Add(receipt); } } if (_CheckList.IsOneItemEntry(CommentReceiveItem)) { …

Date range query in Entity framework

silverlight ria services association class relationship

If you have association relationship in your class. then normally you will not get the associated list data using Silverlight ria service. how to solve it..? please see this

MSDN Silverlight Ria Service Fourm