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ASP.NET MVC razor SAP Crystal report

Crete a new project:

Add a aspx Master Page

Create a new folder Reports and 2 sub folder crystal & crystalviewer
Now add a web form page in crystalviewer  folder. Add the master page namespace in your web form page.

Replace your web form by this code
<asp:ContentID="Content1"ContentPlaceHolderID="ContentPlaceHolder1"runat="server"> </asp:Content>

Now go to design mode of your web form drag & drop the crystal report viewer in your web form.

After that your page will be look look like this.

Replace the code:

Posting JSON data via jQuery to ASP .NET MVC 4 controller action not working

The grid data if I want to save data in json call then if the json data cross the limit of JsonDeserializer then it will not work on controller action.