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IIS is not shrink with your ASP.NET framework


run sql script from command line

sqlcmd -S ATIK-PC\SQLEXPRESS -d STUDENT_DEV -U sa -P sa123 -i c:\schema.sql -o c:\log.txt

SQL split a comma separated string

SQL split a comma separated string

DECLARE @valueList varchar(8000) DECLARE @pos INT DECLARE @len INT DECLARE @value varchar(8000) DECLARE @i INT=0 SET @valueList = ',Atik,Khabir,Shahed,Shain,Ashek,Noman' set @pos = 0 set @len = 0 WHILE CHARINDEX(',', @valueList, @pos+1)>0 BEGIN set @len = CHARINDEX(',', @valueList, @pos+1) - @pos set @value = SUBSTRING(@valueList, @pos, @len) set @i=@i+1 --SELECT @pos, @len, @value /*this is here for debugging*/ IF(@i=1) -- now you can set condition BEGIN PRINT @value END IF(@i=2) BEGIN PRINT @value END IF(@i=3) BEGIN PRINT @value END IF(@i=4) BEGIN PRINT @value END set @pos = CHARINDEX(',', @valueList, @pos+@len) +1 END

SQL Table Row Data show in column data

SELECT * FROM (SELECT CAST(mlblmsg AS varchar(max)) AS mlblmsg,clblcode FROM warninglabels) t PIVOT (MAX(mlblmsg) FOR clblcode IN ([0001],[0002],[003],[0004],[0005],[0006]))p

How to find if a Column is used anywhere in the database

To get the table where this column use you can use this query.

SELECT * FROM sys.tables WHERE tables.object_id IN (SELECT OBJECT_ID FROM sys.columns WHERE LIKE '%CDRUGNAME%') -- use your column name

WPF mvvm passing popup viewmodel value in to main viewmodel