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How to view the SQL generated query by the Entity Framework

If we want to write log file of Entity Framework query in EF 6 we can follow this step

Step 1: Open EDMX cs file and copy the code:

protected override void OnModelCreating(DbModelBuilder modelBuilder) { Database.Log = (query) => Debug.Write(query); }

Step 2 : write log on your Entity Framework query

refauthrequests refauthEntity = EM_Refauthrequests.ConvertToEntity(vsspoAuditModel); _db.refauthrequests.Add(refauthEntity); _db.Database.Log = queryLog => { Debug.Print(queryLog); // Debug.Print will show the output on visual studio output window You can write log using queryLog value }; _db.SaveChanges();

If you set debugger you will see the output window