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kendo ui grid cancel event

kendo ui grid cancel event, it may be in pop up, inline or other. use this after you grid column binding.

columns: [ ], cancel: function (e) { location.reload(); e.preventDefault(); }

WPF datagrid cell textbox change event


public class FeesDetails : INotifyPropertyChanged { public int Id { get; set; } public string FeesName { get; set;} public string FeesDetailsName { get; set; } public int? PaidAmount { get; set; } public event PropertyChangedEventHandler PropertyChanged; private void NotifyPropertyChanged(System.String info) { if (PropertyChanged != null) { PropertyChanged(this, new PropertyChangedEventArgs(info)); } } public int feesAmount { get; set; } public int FeesAmount { get { return this.feesAmount; } set { if (value != this.feesAmount) { this.feesAmount = value; NotifyPropertyChanged("FeesAmount"); } } } }

<DataGrid AutoGenerateColumns="False" Height="211" Horizonta…

Javascript call a function on Enter button press

Javascript call a function on Enter button press. Like in login ui when you type password then press enter button it will log in.

$('#id_inputPassword').on('keydown',function(e){ e.stopPropagation(); if (e.keyCode == 13) { // call your function } });

C# check any type null

You can use this to check null

public static bool CheckNullOrEmpty<T>(T value) { if (typeof(T) == typeof(string)) return string.IsNullOrEmpty(value as string); return value == null || value.Equals(default(T)); }

How to set validation in kendo ui template

use : required="required" .

<input type="text" class="k-input k-textbox" name="BranchName" data-bind="value: BranchName" style="margin-left:10px" required="required">