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How to get WPF datagrid cell value

We can easily get the value of a WPF datagrid cell value using cast with the class. in which class the data grid is   bind. consider the code

private void GetTotalGBP() { decimal dr = 0, cr = 0; for (int i = 0; i < receiveInvoiceDataGrid.Items.Count; i++) { ReceiveInvoice obj = receiveInvoiceDataGrid.Items[i] as ReceiveInvoice; TGBP += Convert.ToDecimal(obj.NetValue); // getting cell value TQTY += Convert.ToDecimal(obj.ConfirmOrderQty); // getting cell value } totalGBPTextbox.Text = TGBP .ToString("F"); totalQtyTextBox.Text = TQTY .ToString("F"); }

How to delete duplicate row from table sql

If we want to delete the duplicate row from a table we can perform it by sq l. Consider the following SQ L query

delete from PATIENT_INFO where MrNo in (select MrNo from PATIENT_INFO group by MrNo having (count(PatientId))>1) and PatientId not in (select min(PatientId) from PATIENT_INFO group by MrNo having (count(PatientId))>1)
Here PATIENT_INFO    is Table Name. and PatientId  is the primary key of the table. and we want to delete the duplicate MrNo  .