Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Substring and add String in WPF

hi all, For our application sometimes we need substring a string. Hare i give example in which it take a string from a text field and then substring it for perticular operation.

private void GenerateTicket()
string ticketNumber = lastTicketNumbertextBox.Text;
string substring = "";
substring = ticketNumber.Substring(2, 8);
ticketObj.LasetTicketNo = Convert.ToInt32(substring);
ticketObj.QuantiryOfTicket = Convert.ToInt32(ticketQuantitytextBox.Text);
ticketObj.TicketDuration = Convert.ToInt32(ticketTimeDurationtextBox.Text);
ticketObj.TicketCreationdate = Convert.ToDateTime(ticketGeneratordatePicker.Text);

list = ticketManager.GetGenerateNumber(ticketObj);
ticketObj.ListOfTicket = list;

foreach (Ticket ticketObj1 in list)



In Get generatenumber(ticketObj) method after generating the number from substring it add string again for every new number.

public List GetGenerateNumber(Ticket ticketObj)
List list=new List();

int firstNumber = ticketObj.LasetTicketNo;
int secondNumber = ticketObj.QuantiryOfTicket;
int result = firstNumber + secondNumber;
string ticketNumber;

for (int count = firstNumber+1; count <= result; count++)
Ticket ticketObjTosend = new Ticket();
//ticketObjTosend.EncriptedTicket += "CA";
ticketObj.NewTicketNo = Convert.ToInt32(count);

ticketObjTosend.NewTicketNo =ticketObj.NewTicketNo;
ticketNumber = "CA";
ticketNumber += Convert.ToString(ticketObjTosend.NewTicketNo);

ticketObjTosend.EncriptedTicket = ticketNumber;

ticketObjTosend.TicketDuration = ticketObj.TicketDuration;
ticketObjTosend.TicketCreationdate = ticketObj.TicketCreationdate;


return list;


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