WPF searching DataGrid Field From TextBox Matching data

Hi all,
      Searching DataGrid Value from  TextBox is a good idea .

// Hare i use a list which will retrive data from database for DataGrid ItemsSource

List<EBuildingSetup> listbuildingInformation = ObjBBuildingSetup.GetAllBuildingInformation(eBuildingSetupObj);

dataGrid1.ItemsSource = listbuildingInformation;

//For Your button click:

 for (int i = 0; i < dataGrid1.Items.Count-1; i++)
                EBuildingSetup objEBuildingSetup = (EBuildingSetup)dataGrid1.Items[i];
                // Hare it is important that which field data you want to search like BuildingType in your grid
                    dataGrid1.SelectedIndex = i;

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