Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ASP.NET Crystal report not showing after publish

 1.Right click on your crystal report. go to properties

 2. Change build action properties Embedded Resource to-> Embedded Resource.
Now publish your application you will get your crystal report after publish.

you  can also try this:
Crystal report is not showing after publish, but it show on local PC. may be it the common issue in VS2010 for SAP crystal report. i am not sure about your crystal report error, but here is some possible solution link for your crystal report solution.


if all the link does not solve your problem you can follow this:

1. Put your crystal report in your UI folder.

2. Publish your application

Here you will see one interesting thing that their is no crystal report in your UI folder where you publish the application.

right click on your solution open in window explorer mode, copy the crystal report from UI folder and paste it to publisher folder UI. now upload the the solution.

Hope it will help you.

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