Thursday, January 17, 2013

Add service after Migrating a Silverlight application in VS-2012

After migrating a Silverlight application in VS-2012, our existing service is not exposed in VS-2012.
Or if we create a new Silverlight application in VS-2012 and want to use the existing service in new application then our existing service will not exposed in VS-2012.
We can use existing service in VS-2012 Silverlight application by following the steps.

1.     1.  We have to open the application in VS-2010


1.      2. If you are using n tier project in your then many other project will not be show (incompatible). But this is not a problem. You just clean the Silverlight client application.

1.    3.  Expand the client project right click on Service References . Here it is important that if are using source control & if you have already ServiceReferences.ClientConfig file. Then it should also be check out & check that which service you are going to add is that already exist. If exist delete the service from Client & also from ServiceReferences.ClientConfig.

1.        4.In the address bar enter your service path which you want to use. Here my path is
Then Click on Go.  It will find your existing service. Give a name of your service; I am giving my service name AdminService. Then Click ok.

5  .  You will see that your service is added in your application.

     6      Select your client project and click show all in solution explorer. Now expand your service.     Expand the Reference.svcmap and check that did you can see your service method…? If not then 7

7 Right click on your service and click Configure Service References 

8 In address bar take the mouse cursor and press Enter. You will see you all service option. Then click ok.

9. Now again right click on your service and click Update Service References  . If you are using source safe control then just check in all and close the application from VS-2010.

10. Finally open the solution in VS-2012 and declare your service where you want to use. 

Hope now you can resolve your service problem.

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